Project: "It's Lifetime."
Sao Paulo - Silicon Valley


It’s Lifetime

At 7 I was a pilot. At 14 I started surfing. At 18, parachute jumping and many other outdoor activities. At 20 I moved to London where I spent 8 years working on digital advertising projects. Today, 3 decades later, I travel on an entrepreneurial expedition from Sao Paulo to Silicon Valley, California. Your mode of transportation will be a motorcycle. My goal: to undertake.

“Instead of planning vacations, we choose to live a life that we do not have to escape from.”

“Entrepreneur is the one who has a passionate dream, an unshakable faith, and plays headlong!”

Rodrigo Teles, former CEO of Endeavor Brasil

2015: Patagonia 10.000 mi alone. 

2017: Silicon Valley 17.000 mi alone. 



Create a business road map and assemble a document where we can understand the real need of “local” users and “travelers” for building the platform. Although it is already drawn and practically in the air, every detail should be important in the evolution of the tool. Ever.



Stop calling the dream and start calling the plan.

“Entrepreneurship is to believe that there is no limitation to what you dream of.”

Designed to promote future jobs, where users monetize their own hobbies.

True investments are not cars or properties, but your dreams, your passions and your health.

Watch the platform launch teaser.

Support and Sponsorship of the Expedition


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  1. Company logo on motorcycle.
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  4. Lecture about planning, motivation and entrepreneurship after the trip.
  5. Company logo on the official shirt of the expedition.
  6. Logo on the documentary video after the trip, see link.

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